How to pick the right coach?

The perfect coach doesn’t exist. What exists is the connection between the player and the coach. One of the big mistakes coaches make is not correctly communicating the intention of training. Here’s how to pick the right coach:

  1. A good coach will always listen to his players. No matter if the coach disagrees, at the end of the day, how the player feels the most important thing.
  2. A good coach doesn’t teach everyone the same way. This is a common mistake when the coach is an excellent technical coach, and often, they train every player the same way. Do Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic play the same way? I don’t think so. 
  3. A good coach always is looking to learn and evolve. If you feel the coach is stuck in the same principles forever, Maybe it’s time to move on.
  4. A good coach will worry about the player off-court too. A good coach has to be a mentor on and off-court. 

Do you agree? Let us know!

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Will Roger Federer dominate again?

Let me start by saying Federer hasn’t played a tournament in almost a year. His last match was July 2021. 

Over the last couple of years, he has struggled with many injuries.

I love Roger Federer, but these are why he won’t dominate tennis again.

  1. Age. He is 41 years old, and the tennis peak for players is around 35-36. 
  2. While recovering, all the top players train hard and get better physically and mentally. His competition is constantly competing. 
  3. Roger Federer is very selective with the kind of tournaments he plays. For example, he will skip the clay season since it’s tough for his body to go thru this surface. He prefers to play faster surfaces where the points are shorter, like hard and grass courts.

While everyone will like his return (myself including), I don’t think he will dominate like he used to. I think he will play a few tournaments and then retire in 2022 or 2023.

Hopefully, I’m wrong about this since all of you will like to see Federer return. 



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