The perfect coach doesn’t exist. What exists is the connection between the player and the coach. One of the big mistakes coaches make is not correctly communicating the intention of training. Here’s how to pick the right coach:

  1. A good coach will always listen to his players. No matter if the coach disagrees, at the end of the day, how the player feels the most important thing.
  2. A good coach doesn’t teach everyone the same way. This is a common mistake when the coach is an excellent technical coach, and often, they train every player the same way. Do Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic play the same way? I don’t think so. 
  3. A good coach always is looking to learn and evolve. If you feel the coach is stuck in the same principles forever, Maybe it’s time to move on.
  4. A good coach will worry about the player off-court too. A good coach has to be a mentor on and off-court. 

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